Irish Climate Policy Evaluation project

Irish Climate Policy Evaluation is an 18 month project, commenced in February 2018, funded by the Irish Environmental Protection Agency. The project team comprises Dr. Diarmuid Torney and Dr. Sabrina Dekker.

According to Ireland’s State of the Environment Report 2016, responding effectively to climate change is both urgent and long term. However, it is clear that Ireland’s climate change policy response has not delivered sufficient progress to date. We urgently need a better shared understanding of these policy pressures in order to more effectively respond to the challenge of climate change.

This project aims to address this significant knowledge gap. It is developing a bespoke, robust evaluation framework drawing on EU best practice as well as the latest findings of the growing literature on climate change policy evaluation. In order to inform policy, the framework will be used to evaluate in a comprehensive manner Ireland’s policy response to climate change since 1996 across 5 sectors: electricity generation; built environment; transport; agriculture, forest and land use; and climate adaptation and resilience. The project will help to develop solutions by underpinning the framing of future climate change policies in Ireland.

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