MSc in Climate Change

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I was central to the creation of DCU’s new MSc in Climate Change: Policy, Media and Society.

Climate change is the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced. It is hugely complex and requires a broad range of responses from many sectors of society. We currently lack many of the appropriate policies, institutions, and societal responses.

DCU’s MSc. in Climate Change: Policy, Media and Society interrogates how societies can respond to climate change. It examines the roles played by politics, regulation, law, education and the media in creating the broad societal response demanded by climate change.

This pioneering programme will equip students with critical insights and analytical skills to enable them to play a part in shaping the transition to a decarbonised and climate resilient future. Most postgraduate courses focused on climate change are concerned with the science of climate change. This programme is unique in Ireland in its focus on the social sciences and humanities, on media, policy, law, governance, regulation and politics.

Full details, including how to apply, are available here. Please contact me at with any questions.